Disabled Dogs

A pet shop put up a billboard that appeals to children: "Sold puppies." Soon a boy came into the shop and asked, "How much is the price of the puppy you are selling?"

The store owner replied, "The price ranges from 30 to 50 dollars."

The boy then reached into his trouser pocket and took out some coins, "Whoa. I only have 23.5 dollars. Hmmm, can I see the puppies for sale? "

The shopkeeper smiled. He then whistled for his dogs. Soon, from the room inside the shop, came five puppies. They ran along the store aisle. However, there is one puppy left behind.

The boy pointed at the most disturbing and apparently flawed puppy. He asked, "What about that puppy?" The shopkeeper explained that when the puppy was born it had a disorder in his hip, and would suffer a lifelong disability.

The boy looked excited and said, "I bought that flawed puppy."

The owner replied immediately, "No, do not buy that flawed puppy! But …
In ancient times, there was an interesting tale about friendship between apes and chickens. It seems that they are always harmonious and peaceful. But this is not the case. After a long time they are friends, then seen the bad behavior of the ape.

"Hi, Chicken, my best friend," called the ape. "In the afternoons we're going to go for a walk. Would you go with me?"

"Where are we going?" Asked the chicken.

"I'll take you to the forest where I used to play, where it's beautiful. Said the monkey while coaxing.

Chicken interested in the ape's invitation. Without a suspicion he followed the monkeys for a walk in the woods. The darker the day, the apes' stomach began to struggle to fill it. It was then that the monkey's rotten intentions came to harm the chickens.

"Hehehe ... For what am I bothering to find food in front of me there is already very delicious food." Thought ape.

He saw the Chicken looking confused into the …

1. There is a fat thumb who always says good and flattering.

2. There is a finger that likes to point and reign.

3. There is a tall, middle-aged finger who is proud, the longest
     and likes to incite the index finger.

4. There is a ring finger that is always an example, good, and
     patient so given a gift ring.

5. And there is a weak and submissive little finger.

With the positive and negative differences each finger has, they are united to achieve one goal (complementary).

Have we ever imagined if our hands consisted of nothing but thumbs?
This philosophy is simple but very meaningful.

We are born with all the differences we have in order to unite:
*love each other
*helping each other
*help each other
*filling each other

Not for
* Accuse each other
* Pointing or destructive.

All the difference between us is the beauty that happens so that we are humble to appreciate others, there is no work we can do alone.

Perhaps our advantage is the shortcomings of others, …
Tari Ratoh Jaroe Khas Aceh
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What's Going Unnecessary Regrets

Once, there was a young man who had inherited from his parents. Being a simple family, he gets little money and some books. Before his death, his father said, "My son, these books are an infinite treasure of value. Father give to you, read and study. Hopefully someday your fate can change better. And this is a little money, use it to live and work diligently to support yourself. "
After a while, the money left behind was used up. For a moment he looked at his father's books. He remembered the message from his parents to learn from the book. Being lazy, he takes a shortcut. The book is sold to friends who want to buy out of pity. Instead, he gets rice for his daily meal.
Moments later, the young man had to start working hard for the sake of survival. To her amazement, the friend who had bought her book, now her life looks comfortable and more advanced. Out of curiosity, what made this friend successful his life, he came and asked.
Unlimited Mother's Love

A child fights with his mother & leaves home. As he walked he realized that he had no money at all. He passed a noodle shop. He wanted to order a bowl of noodles because of hunger.

The noodle owner noticed the boy standing for a long time in front of his shop, then asked "Son, do you want to order noodles?"
"Yes, but I have no money," the boy replied shyly "It's okay, I'll treat you," replied the owner of the store.

The child immediately ate. Tanya the owner of the store. "It's okay, I'm just touched because a new guy I gave me a bowl of noodles but my own mother after a fight with me, drove me from home. You're a new man I know but care about me.

The owner said "Son, why do you think so? Think about it, I just gave you a bowl of noodles & you are so touched .... Your mother has cooked noodles, rice, etc. until you grow up, you should be grateful to him.

The boy was surprised to hear that. …