TREEOn a journey a father with his son, a tall wooden tree turned out to be an interesting thing for them to see. Both stopped in the shade of the tree. "My son," said the father suddenly. This teenage boy was staring closely at his father. With such a greeting, the child understands that his father will say something serious. "Is there a lesson you can tell from a tree?" Continued the father as his right hand grabbed a tree trunk nearby. "I think the tree could be a comfortable shelter, a clean water store of dirt, and a balmy cool air," the boy replied, his eyes waiting for a certainty. "Good," the father's spontaneous response. "But, there is another interesting thing for us to see from a tree," added the father as suddenly his face looked up to the end of the top branch. "Watch the edge of the trees you see. Everything is perpendicular in the same direction. Although it is on a sloping ground, the tree will force itself to…
What's Going Unnecessary Regrets

Once, there was a young man who had inherited from his parents. Being a simple family, he gets little money and some books. Before his death, his father said, "My son, these books are an infinite treasure of value. Father give to you, read and study. Hopefully someday your fate can change better. And this is a little money, use it to live and work diligently to support yourself. " Before long, the money left behind was used up. For a moment he looked at his father's books. He remembered the message from his parents to learn from the book. Being lazy, he takes a shortcut. The book is sold to friends who want to buy out of pity. Instead, he gets rice for his daily meal. Moments later, the young man had to start working hard to survive. To her amazement, the friend who had bought her book, now her life looks comfortable and more advanced. Out of curiosity, what made this friend successful his life, he came and asked.
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