Companions, there is a philosophy about our five fingers
1. There's a fat thumb who always says good and flattering.
2. There is a finger that likes to point and reign.
3. There is a tall middle finger who is arrogant and likes to incite the index finger.
4. There is a ring finger that is always a role model, good, and patient so given a gift ring.
5. And there is a weak and submissive little fellow and forgiving (remember you when we were small when we make up with our enemy must touch each other's little finger?).
With the positive and negative differences each finger has, they unite to achieve the goal (writing, holding, helping other members of the body, doing the work, etc.).

Companions, Have we ever imagined if our hands consisted of nothing but thumbs? This philosophy is simple but very meaningful. We are created with all the differences we have in order to unite, love each other, help each other, help each other, complement each other, not to accuse each other, to poin…
Do it and work with sincerity
Failure in life is common. The great thing is how you learn from the failure to succeed. Be happy when it fails because there God gives a lesson of sincerity. A lesson that works not only for favors and praise, but for happiness. Humble and sincere, that's a sign of happiness. The word work motivation is what you need to plant in yourself to success
Privilege In life Is to be yourself The sun has risen and the new day is open again. Begin your day with full motivation. Look in the mirror and make sure you are ready to face it all and succeed today. Read these words of life motivation to build your spirit. Forget the sadness and disappointment of yesterday and be sure to be happy today. Smile because success has been waiting for you today. This collection of best living motivational words will help you to achieve today's dreams.
Here are 7 Benefits of Citrus For Your Health

  Orange is a fruit that is very liked by everyone from among children to adulthood. From the most sweet taste that is what attracts everyone's tongue to taste the fruit of the orange. It is common knowledge, if oranges are one source of vitamin C is good for our bodies. Then, what are the benefits of powerful oranges for the health ... ???

       Companions, Health Tips. The content of citrus fruits is very good for keeping and protecting our body from some very dangerous diseases that can attack the body. Therefore, consuming citrus fruits is highly recommended for the health of your body. This health tip will present an article related to the benefits of citrus for your health. Here are 7 great benefits of citrus for your health: